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June 23, 2013

CICERON DE ANTESTO 22-23 June 2013, participating in the International Cat Show «Chersonesus Cup - 2013» (WCF) Sevastopol (Ukraine), opened title CACE - Candidate for Champions of Europe!

International experts:

Nikolai Volkov, Ukraine (AB, WCF)
Irina Gorinova, Russia (AB, WCF)

June 16, 2013

15-16 June 2013 CICERON DE ANTESTO in the International Cat Show "Vacation Kotofei" (St. Petersburg), won the fight for the title "Grand International Champion", and for the title of "BEST OF COLOR", as well as compete, including involving two World Champions, was nominated "BEST IN SHOW" !


T. Sapozhnikova, Moscow, Russia, AB WCF

O. Mironova, St. Petersburg, Russia, AB WCF

June 09, 2013

8 - 9 June 2013 CICERON DE ANTESTO among its competitors color closed the title International Champion in Moscow on the 5th International Cat Show - "BOMOND CATS - 2013"!

International experts:

Elena Lavrentieva - Latvia, Riga LH, SLH, SH WCF

Thomas Balchunas - Lithuania, Vilnius AB WCF

May 12,2013

Results of participation in the International Cat Show "Spring Cat - Show" on May 11-12, 2013 in Vologda:

- REVOLUCION LA MURR * cat: class adult - two "excellent", the first place in the competition, two CAC (Candidate to Champion WCF).

- CICERON DE ANTESTO - two "excellent", the first place in the competition and became Champion WCF, open title candidate in International Champion!

(Excellent result since the beginning of the ten days career CICERON DE ANTESTO!!!)


Inna Shustrova (AB WCF, Moscow, Russia)

Irina Gorinova (AB WCF, Samara, Russia)

Dina Smirnova (AB WCF, Russia, St. Petersburg)

британская кошка британский кот британский кот

May 04, 2013

eva 2In early May 2013 from Estonia came to us a miracle - girl color bleak tortie, carrier genes cinnamon and fawn - EVANGELIKA DE ANTESTO!!! Despite his young age, Eve strode through the house gait Queen of England: proudly raised his head and tail, his whole appearance making it clear who is to be the main cat)))

We are all madly in love with her! We can enjoy it for many hours ... Thanks breeder Tamara Vihrova that has entrusted us with this treasure)))

May 03, 2013

британский кот вологдаCICERON DE ANTESTO visited on another show of cats "Cat Assembly Kingissepp" May 2-3, 2013. In the open class, he received two "excellent" - the first place, two titles CAC (Candidate to Champion WCF)!!!


Andreas Möbius (AB WCF) Germany
Natalia Rozhkova (SH, SOSH WCF) Estonia, Tallinn
Dina Smirnova (AB WCF) Russia, Saint-Petersburg

December 22-23, 2012

22-23 December 2012 our glorious kittens at the age of five months, took part in the International Cat Show in Vologda "Christmas Cat - salon".

Results of participation:

CICERON DE ANTESTO - 2 ratings : Ex x 1 , nomination BIS both days, 8 in the WCF-ring of 30 juniors young animals!

REVOLUCION LA MURR * cat - 2 ratings : Ex x 1 , nomination BIS both days!

британский кот вологда британская кошка в вологде британская кошка в вологде 

October 27, 2012

британский кот27.10.2012in our cattery came to stay on the Rights of the owner, another guest of honor - a charismatic "tubby" CICERON DE ANTESTO of Tallinn, Estonia. Home name of this big man - Ronja. This wonderful male lilac is the carrier of genes rarest colors cinnamon and fawn.

October 15, 2012

британская кошка

15.10.2012 from cattery "LA MURR * cat" of Belarus, Minsk, came to us charming British kitty exclusive cinnamon color with "killer" in the name - REVOLUCION. At home we call this beauty Lucia, or simply - Lyusenka. This is a fairly large cat, with expressive bright orange eyes, very small ears perfectly posed, correct head shape beautiful, thick fur dyed well, lovely texture.