WCh Ciceron De Antesto

ciceron-9Import – Estonia, Tallinn

Breed: British Shorthair (BRI)

Sex: Male (1.0)

Date of Birth: 25.12.2012

Color: lilac , carrier cinnamon / fawn , BRI c

Father: (FIFe) SC EE*Maximillion British Wynton ( BRI с )

Mother: Ch. Aylisa De Antesto ( BRI q )

Owner: Brenev A.

Breeder: Vihrova T.

FeLV, FIV, FCoV, PKD (DNA) negativ

Blood group A/B

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CICERON DE ANTESTO (home name - Ronja) - very charming cat, a brilliant representative of the British breed, with short plush fur warm lilac hue.

He has a strong muscular body, very powerful (weight 10 kg), with a lovely round of the British head on a strong neck and a strong brand, "Cheshire" smile. He quickly made a show career, and at 15 months was awarded the title of World Champion. Repeatedly nominated and became the winner of the "Best In Show", won the British monobreed ring, becoming the best British animals throughout the show, won prizes and became the winner in the WCF ring and became a worthy successor to his father - World Champion (FIFe) SC EE * Maximillion British Wynton (Estonia, Tallinn).

CICERON DE ANTESTO has a gentle and affectionate nature, which he transmits his kiddies! He loves when his kiss, and he begs itself kiss, brings his teddy nose for kissing. And yet - it is rare foodie and loves apples. Kittens from all sides against him near bowl and stare in amazement at him - when their dad appetite crunches slices apples;)