Ch. Kyarvi First Kaiser Joseph

josephBreed: British Shorthair (BRI)

Sex: Male (1.0)

Date o Birth: 08.11.2010

Color: lilac (BRI c)

Father: G.I.Ch. Lewis Wonder-Plush of Kyarvi ( BRI с 33 )

Mother: E.Ch. Dgane Beauty Shock of Kyarvi ( BRI с 22 )

Owner: Brenev A.

Breeder: Karya O.

FeLV, FIV, FCoV, PKD (DNA) negativ

Blood group A/b

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Despite its imperial name - at home he just Joseph, or Zhozya. This is our first British cat. He was always happy with his life, he loves all of our family, has a pleasant, intelligent character, he never claws, especially if suddenly jumps sitting in front of computer mistress on her knees - at this moment just felt a pleasant soft touch weighty and strong paws ...

A heavy head rests on the shoulder a massive forehead, suggesting that it stroked and patted his cheek friendly, and if more and kiss him on the forehead - it will be riding his bliss! When stroking his back, the first thing you want to do - is to run your fingers through his thick, plush, gorgeous texture «fur coat»... He close huge eyes, the color of expensive copper, and will sing softly his tender song, asking for additional caresses ... He gallant hussar mustache - of which the upper half rings beautiful curled up around the rounded cheeks; also admired perfectly folded British nose, chin and strong men of the same massive broad forehead, and generally gives the impression of tight head the ball, on a strong neck, and then a broad and powerful shoulders ...

This is a full - grown and brutal man, father and grandfather worthy descendants, that thanks to him, are the holders of the "family" appearance, inherited from of such famous names as W. Ch Akbars Sweet Way (BRI ns 24), E.Ch Wiliam Sweet Way (BRI bs 24), - who became the founders of many cattery. He knows his worth, he is confident in its irresistible - and it's obvious to everyone ...