Ch. Evangelika De Antesto

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Import – Estonia, Tallinn

Breed: British Shorthair (BRI)

Sex: female (0.1)

Date of Birth: 25.12.2012

Color: black tortie, carrier cinnamon, BRI f .

Father: (FIFe) SC Knock Out of Czankra*PL (BRI d) – genetically ticked

Mother: E. Ch. Belten's Halateia (BRI p)

Owner: Brenev A.

Breeder: Vihrova T.

FeLV, FIV, FCoV, PKD (DNA) negativ

Blood group A/A

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Evangelika (nick name - EVA) - our pride and favorite of the whole family, a girl with a bright appearance and equally bright personality! Eva - has an independent character and endurance, which are the envy of the Queen of England herself - nobody and nothing will force her to turn aside from the path chosen, to change its decision, or to lower his head! Her "zest" - is big, expressive and extremely intelligent eyes, which she did not look down, never in front of anyone. However, she did not conflicted, it's not a drop of aggression!

Her children successfully inherit her "leadership" qualities, the makings of which can be seen from the first days of life. The color of her luxurious coat captivates beautiful and generous distribution of red and cream on black. Eva powerful, compact body with short legs, short and dense coat with a dense undercoat, very short and thick tail, round head with a lovely profile and filled cheeks