Ch. Your Majesty Bambolina Dance

британская кошечкаBreed: British Shorthair (BRI)

Sex: female (0.1)

Date of Birth:  09.08.2016

Color: cinnamon tortie, genetically ticked / BRI q.

Father:  I.Ch. Your Majesty Unicum (BRI (o) genetically ticked)

Mother: Ch. Just Mine De Antesto (BRI (d) genetically ticked)

Owner: Brenev A.

Breeder: Nitchenko L.

FeLV, FIV, FCoV, PKD (DNA) negativ

Blood group: A/B

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Meet, please:

Your Majesty Bambolina Dance is our new wonderful and charming girl, the cinnamon tortoise color, genetically ticked.

All household members call this Pretty Woman gently in every possible way: Bambolisha, Linusya, or simply - Knopochka! She perfectly knows all of her affectionate names and with joy responds to them, because they are pronounced with love! And she always responds with great reciprocity! By nature, she is a coquette, likes to show off and get another portion of praise, as well as kisses in a spotted pink nose, which she always willingly yield for this purpose. It's not possible just to pass by her, and not shower her with a dozen pleasant compliments, which she always waits with impatience !!!