About british cats cattery Purring Pillows

"I love my cats because I love my home - and they gradually become its visible soul"

/ Jean Cocteau /

We welcome you to our website dedicated to unusually beautiful breed British Shorthair cats !

Do you think : that people need to be happy? - A comfortable home, a loving family, an interesting job. And full of happiness? Well, of course - purring cat meet you after work on the doorstep of your cozy home!

purring-pillowsWe no longer imagine life without our favorite purring that have become an integral part of our lives, filled with a sense of harmony and full of happiness - we are ready to share with all ...

Why did we choose this breed? - Because the British cats are not only aristocratic appearance, but also tact, imperturbable calm in any situation, composure and intelligent. Affectionate without compulsion, express your feelings with noble restraint. This loyal friends, cute interlocutors who will listen to you and warm the soul with his presence. British chubby teddy "bears" are able to create even more comfort to any home.

Our cats live with us and our children, are fledged family members.

Our kittens live and are raised at home and constant contact with people, which is one of a nurturing environment friendly and sociable cats.



Our Cattery is engaged in breeding of short-haired and long-haired British cats in two separate directions:

  • Exclusive colors - cinnamon, fawn, including genetically ticked, and also a favorite by many people - chocolate;)
  • Exceptionally classical colors - blue and lilac.

The goal of our Cattery is to obtain harmoniously developed British shorthair and long-haired cats that fully meet the standards of this breed, consolidate the breed characteristics - a modern type, a powerful strong bones, large round eyes of intense color, dense plush wool - combined with a gentle friendly character, balanced the psyche and excellent Health.
In January 2013 we received official confirmation from Germany of the registration of our cattery «PURRING PILLOWS» in the WCF numbered 3968-2013.

Our male and female are brought from known European cattery's, which are used for breeding the best lines of England, Holland, Australia, Germany, Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Russia and other countries ...

We do not dwell on the results, we continue to work on the type and color, as well as the acquisition plan promising new cats.

We want to thank everyone individually breeder:

necoTamara Vihrova , Estonia, Tallinn, Cattery "of De Antesto", that selflessly and devotedly loves his animals and great care for them - thanks for lilac male CICERON DE ANTESTO and wonder - girl tortie EVANGELIKA DE ANTESTO (Eva) for the great confidence in Us, assisting in the creation of our cattery and just friendship;

necoNadezhda Brednya , Latvia, Riga, Cattery "LV * RAYS OF HOPE", for the trust and kindly presented opportunity for choice of LV * RAYS OF HOPE PERFECT - a charming big-eyed boy, blue color coat and with a magnificent pedigree;

necoVeronica Kiseleva, Belarus, Minsk, Cattery "LA MURR * cat" - thanks for the charming girl of the exclusive cinnamon color-REVOLUCION LA MURR * cat (Lucia, Lusenka), with an excellent show temperament and small ears.

necoSvetlana Malysheva, Russia, St. Petersburg, Cattery "BELTENE" - thanks for the light blue girl with magic eyes of unearthly beauty BELTEN'S AURORA. She is a special girl, thanks to which our Cattery started its development in a new direction - and I am very happy that I made this choice;

necoOlesya Simakova, Russia, Gorno-Altaisk, "Plush-Angel" cattery - thanks for trusting one of best girls, the lovely doll CAROLINE PLUSH ANGEL. This beauty brought us victories in the BEST SHOW  of cats, beautiful kids, and also just a lot of pleasant moments of communication with her!

Our cats successfully participate in international exhibitions held in different cities and countries, get a place of honor in the WCF-ring and the BEST of Breed, nominated and awarded honorary prizes BEST of BEST.

Our adult cats participating in the breeding program, have titles : Ch. / СHAMPION – W.Ch. /WORLD СHAMPION.

All our cats are surrounded by love and care, receive high-quality professional balanced dry and canned food "Applaws" and as well as natural quality food (chicken and beef fillet). Regularly examined by a veterinarian, tested for common genetic and viral diseases.

All cats in our cattery are private (they do not mate with cats from other kennels), thus we protect our cats from possible contamination of infectious diseases.

Many of our kittens who are born in our cattery, now live in many Russian cities, as well as in as foreign countries: Germany, England, France, Belgium, Austria, Turkey, Italy, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Ukraine, Brazil, Indonesia, Thailand and many other parts of the world ...

We assist in organizing the delivery of our kittens, accompanied by couriers to the new owner. All shipping costs associated with delivery of a kitten carries the new owner.

We are a hobby - breeders. All the money that we receive from the sale of kittens go to the development of cattery: Holistic food - and super - premium food, various genetic tests, veterinary care, participation in cat shows, payment photographer, advertising, club membership, payment of pedigrees, the purchase of new imported pedigree cats and much more.

On the site OUR MALES and OUR FEMALES you can find more information about our cats.

The page KITTENS you can get information about the availability of kittens in the nursery and choose a kitten.

Also, you can see the planned litters page OUR PLANS.

In the NEWS section you can find news about the birth and development of our kittens, information about past exhibitions, our new pets and the latest developments in the cattery.

Hopefully stay on the pages of our site will be for you a pleasant and fun!